Mega Mountain Motorcycle Tour: Alps&Pyrenees
[June 5-20]

Mega Mountain Motorcycle Tour:  Alps Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour featuring Wheels & Waves
Two weeks of sport touring in The Pyrenees and the Alps.

This Alps Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour is full of high altitude excitement.  Famous mountain passes in the Alps & Pyrenees.  You'll get your fill of legendary roads like Iseran, Turini, Tourmalet, Aubisque, Mont Ventoux, Galibier, and more.

You'll also get the Riviera, Basque Country, Catalonia, Cathar country & Provence.  We'll make some forays into Spain & Andorra.  You'll also get to visit Carcassonne, Grasse, Biarritz, and more.  For good measure you'll get a good helping of gorgeous gorges and the Vercors mountain range.

As if that weren't enough, we'll check out Wheels & Waves in Biarritz.  Every day you'll have spectacular scenery, loads of history & culture, fantastic food, but awesome riding above all.

Since you're coming from afar, why not make the most of your trip and ride both of these mountain ranges?



Day 0


June 5

Mega Mountain: Alps & Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour meeting & welcome dinner.

Day 1

Grenoble to Bessans

Distance: 275 KM Time: 7 Date: June 6

Right out of the gate we'll get things going. Today’s ride takes us past the Mont Blanc over the Col de Gets, Colombiere, des Aravis, le Cormet de Roseland, Col d'Iseran.

Day 2

Bessans -> Arrive Barcelonnette

Distance: 280 km Time: 7 Date: June 7

After our warm-up on Day 1, we'll hit more major passes such as the Col du Galibier, Col du Lautaret, and the Mont Cenis. The Galibier and Lautaret have made numerous appearances on the Tour de France and are a favorite among European riders.

Day 3


Distance: 280 km Time: 6-7 Date: June 8

Today we will cross the Col de la Cayolle, St. Martin & the Col de Turini. More famous passes seen in movies & on TV shows like 'Top Gear'. More twists and turns and fantastic views. These also appear in events like the Monte Carlo Rally. We'll arrive on the French Riviera.

Day 4


Distance: 315 km Time: 8 Date: June 9

Today’s ride takes us through Provence to the magnificent Gorges of Verdon. The Gorges of Verdon are also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe. Simply stunning and they make for a fun ride. Our destination of Nimes, aka the French Rome features many remnants of the Roman Empire. A splendid coliseum, the Maison Carree, temples and towers are amazing examples of Roman engineering and architecture.

Day 5 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour


Distance: 325 km Time: 8 Date: June 10

Crossing over Southern France we'll arrive at the doorstep of the Pyrenees. Prepare for some mountain climbing. Spectacular views, and exciting roads assured.

Day 6


Distance: 300 km Time: 8 Date: June 11

We'll continue our spirited ride through the Pyrenees, Andorra and Spain. Andorra is a microstate and tax-haven at 2,000m. It has a vibrant tourism business with many ski stations, 109 miles of slopes.

Day 7 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour

Arreau->Col d'Aubisque

Distance: 280 km Time: 7 Date: June 12

Today you'll confront the Col du Tourmalet & the Col d'Aubisque. Both are regulars on the Tour de France. The Tourmalet is the highest paved mountain pass in the Pyrenees.

Day 8 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour

Col d'Aubisque ->St. Jean de Luz.

Distance: 200 km Time: 6 Date: June 13

Today we'll arrive on the Atlantic Coast in the Basque country. St. Jean de Luz, historically played home to Basque corsairs and hosted the wedding of the Sun king himself, Louis XIV.

Day 9 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour

St. Jean de Luz->Wheels & Waves Fest in Biarritz

Distance: 150 km Time: 2 Date: June 14

Today we'll check out Wheels & Waves fest featuring bikes, surf, skate & music.

Day 10 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour

Biarritz->Arrive Argeles Gazost

Distance: 325 km Time: 6 Date: June 15

Today’s ride takes us East across the Pyrenees. More twisties, more great views, plenty of great riding.

Day 11 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour

Argeles Gazost-->Carcassonne

Distance: 240KM Time: 6 Date: July 12

Today we'll make our way to Carcassonne, a medieval fortress city. Carcassonne played a major role during the Crusades and Cathar period. Stroll the ramparts and guard towers and be transported back in time.

Day 12 Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour


Distance: 230 km Time: 5 Date: June 17

Today we'll stop at the Pont du Gard, an aquaduct dating back to the Roman empire while en route to Uzes, a medieval city with a fantastic fortified palace.

Day 13


Distance: 250 km Time: 5.5 Date: June 18

Today you will get to tame the "beast of Provence", the infamous Mont Ventoux. We'll spend the evening in Die, known for its namesake Clairette. A tasting is in order.

Day 14

Die->Arrive Grenoble

Distance: 250 KM Time: 5 Date: June 19

Today we'll continue our ride around the breathtaking Vercors with balcony roads, amazing gorges, the perfect way to end our tour.

Day 15

Departure Day

Sadly ending our Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour & Alps tour, today we'll say goodbye & bon voyage.



BMW f800 GT

Displacement:  798cc Torque:  63Nm /46.5 ft lbs. @5800 rpm
Weight:  213.2 (wet)
Seat Height: Standard:  800mm / 31.5 inches
Low Setting:  N/A
Low Seat Option: N/A
Wheelbase: 1,514mm / 59.6 inches
Options:  ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, luggage & top case.


BMW appears to have got the balance right with the F800GT. It has just the right blend of sport and tourer for a motorcycle of this size and type.
It also makes a sensible proposition for anyone considering taking up motorcycling for the first time and it even has appeal for the more experienced rider who wants a light, but robust sports tourer that will happily eat up the miles in a no nonsense sort of way.
And where this BMW really scores is you’ll have a lot of fun doing that and just getting out there and riding it.

BMW K1200R Sport

Displacement: 1157cc
Torque: 127.00Nm / 93.7 ft lbs. @ 8250 rpm
Weight: 217 kg
Seat Height:
Standard: 820mm / 32.2 inches
Low Setting: N/A
Low Seat Option: N/A
Wheelbase: 1,580mm / 62.2 inches
Options: ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, tank bag


“I had forgotten just how much I’d enjoyed this engine.
I held on, grinning, as 163 horses threatened to wrench my fingers from the handlebars.
My knees dug into the tank’s recess, I knocked the Beemer into sixth and tucked in – this is way too easy.”

BMW K1300 GT

Displacement:  1293cc Torque: 135Nm / 99.6 ft lbs @ 8000 rpm
Weight:  255kg / 562.2 lbs
Seat Height: Standard: 840mm / 33.1 inches
Low Setting:  800mm / 31.5 inches
Low Seat Option:
Wheelbase: 1,572mm / 61.9 inches
Options: ESA suspension, heated grips, heated seats, cruise control, electric windscreen, luggage & topcase


The BMW K1300 GT is a Grand Tourer in the true sense of the words. It manages to combine massive performance with supreme practicality and comfort. There are so many bikes out there that don’t handle and ride as well as the BMW K1300GT that are supposed to be ‘sports-focussed’ bikes it’s simply astounding how easy the BMW K1300GT is to chuck around.

BMW R1200 RT

Displacement: 1170cc Torque: 120Nm / 88.5ft lbs @6000rpm
Weight: 229kg / 504.9lbs
Seat Height:
Standard: 840mm / 33 inches
Low Setting: 820mm / 32.2 inches
Low Seat Option: 780-800mm /30.7 inches
Wheelbase: 1485mm / 58.4 inches
Options: ESA electronic suspension, heated grips & seats, electric windscreen, cruise control, luggage, topcase & tank bag.


“the BMW R 1200 RT has long been sport touring’s standard-bearer. Designed, built and refined in the shadow of the Alps, the RT name is synonymous with tractable power, intuitive handling and first-rate comfort and wind protection. Its trademark air/oil-cooled boxer twin with shaft drive represents 90 years of BMW design tradition, a setup that has proven to be reliable and popular.”
Read full article here

BMW R1200 RS

YEAR 2015-

Displacement: 1170cc Torque: 125Nm /92 ft lbs. @6500 rpm
Weight: 231kg (wet) 502 lbs
Seat Height: Standard: 820mm / 32.2 inches
Low Setting: 760mm
Low Seat Option: N/A
Wheelbase: 1,514mm / 59.6 inches
Options: ESA electronic suspension, shift assist pro, heated grips, luggage & top case.


“The beauty of this boxer is the feel of immediate torque. After thumbing the starter and feeling the left-to-right rattle that harmonizes into a continuous melody, the R1200RS’ engine presents hefty torque from the first crack of throttle to the maximum 92 ft/lbs at 6500 rpm.” Read the full review here:


Engine size: 1170
Cylinders: 2
hp/kW: 125/ 92
Vehicle weight (kg): 238
Seat height (mm): 850


The result has improved the already class leading GS in almost every aspect. The engine is a measurable step forward right through the rev range yet retains its boxer character. It looks cleaner and neater, is more comfortable and sophisticated and handles better too.
Read full article here

BMW K1600 GT

Displacement: 1649cc Torque: 175Nm /129 ft lbs. @7750 rpm
Weight: 319kg (wet)
Seat Height:
Standard: 810mm / 31.9 inches
Low Setting: 780mm/30.7 inches
Low Seat Option: N/A
Wheelbase: 1,680mm / 66.1 inches
Options: ESA electronic suspension, heated grips, heated seat, electric windscreen, luggage & top case.


In my opinion, these two bikes are by far the most dynamic and full-featured touring motorcycles ever produced. I have always said, often to the surprise of many, that my dream shed of bikes would certainly include a Gold Wing among its numbers. That dream shed often changes, once upon a time there wasn’t a single BMW in it, but now the K 1600 GT joins its Bavarian brothers the R 1200 GS and K 1300 R in the list of machinery that’s managed to steal my heart since BMW has dramatically upped their game in the past few years.
Read full article here

BMW K1600B

ENGINE TYPE: Liquid cooled, 4-stroke in-line 6-cylinder engine, four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
CAPACITY: 1,649 cc
RATED OUTPUT: 160 hp (118 kW) at 7,750 rpm
MAX. TORQUE: 129 lb-ft (175 Nm) at 5,250 rpm
WET WEIGHT, FULLY FUELED: 741 lbs (336 kg)


The engine in the B is supposedly identical to the ones in the K1600 GT and GTL. So even if the Bagger design brief for most manufacturers is relaxed cruising, this bagger can do that, but it can also propel you from corner to corner on tight, twisty backroads, or fast flowing ones, in a way that will leave most baggers sucking its clean, Euro4 emissions as it disappears over the horizon.
Read full article here


Engine|Liquid-cooled inline-four
Horsepower|160 hp @ 11,000 rpm
Torque|83.0 lb-ft @ 9,250 rpm
Final Drive|Chain

Clutch|Wet slipper, hydraulic, multiplate
Dry Weight|357 lb.
Wet Weight|228 kg /502 lb.
Seat Height|840mm/33.1 in.
Low Seat Option: 790mm/31.1 in


The S1000XR is an exciting new offering from BMW. The S1000RR Superbike has helped transform the marque from its stodgy, pipes-and-slippers trope to a more robust, high-performance bike brand, and the S1000XR builds on this momentum.
Read full article here

What's Included:

Motorcycle & Insurance
15 Nights Accommodations
All Breakfasts & 2 Dinners
Secure Luggage Storage
Really Cool Tour Guides
Luggage Van (min 6 participants)

Additional information


Solo, Duo

Preferred Motorcycle:

BMW F800 GT, BMW K1200R Sport, BMW K1300 GT, BMW R1200 RS, BMW R1200 RT, BMW R1200 GS, BMW K1600 GTL, BMW K1600 B, BMW S1000 XR


Shared Room, Private Room

3 reviews for Mega Mountain Motorcycle Tour: Alps&Pyrenees
[June 5-20]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Keith S.

    Every couple of years I go on a tour in the Alps. This one caught my eye since I’d never been to the Pyrenees. I have to say the Alpine part was the best motorcycle tour of the Alps I’ve been on. The Pyrenees had a tough act to follow, but I was pleasantly surprised. Different, but beautiful in their own right, we were able to really wind up the bikes as there was hardly anyone around. The guys at M2 Mototours are a good bunch of enthusiastic riders who pull out all the stops to make sure you have a good time. Next time I go back to Europe for a tour, I will definitely go with M2.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Billy J.

    Excellent job guys! Thanks so much for a great trip. The Alps were amazing and so were the Pyrenees. Can’t wait to do it again, until then don’t go changin!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Denny V.

    I really liked being able to ride the Alps & the Pyrenees on the same tour. Everything went very well. I loved the roads. The hotels and food were really good. I’d have liked to do some surfing near Biarritz but there wasn’t enough time. It was a lot of fun going from France to Spain and back, after a while I wasn’t sure which country we were in. I’m not used to riding day in and out, so I was pretty wiped out by the end, but glad that I did it.

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