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European Motorcycle Tours

Hello Rider,

Looking for motorcycle tours Europe that include:
  • Thrilling bucket list roads
  • World class moto & auto racing events
  • History & culture at every turn
  • Savoring delicious local cuisine
  • Tasting craft beers, wines & spirits
  • Stunning scenery
  • Great times & lifelong memories
Whether you ride alone, with your partner or group, you’ll be elated every day of your adventure.  New discoveries await you at every turn.  What are you waiting for?

Motorcycle Tours Europe

The Ultimate Riding Experience:  Guided, self-guided tours & rentals

There are lots of outifts you can choose from.

Ours is the difference between a good time and a great time.

Take advantage of 10 years of professional tour organization experience.  We are totally focused on ensuring you enjoy every aspect of your tour.

From carefully crafted itineraries, to choice accommodations, great food, amazing sights & events, you’ll have a blast on & off the bike.

Motorcycle Tours Europe

Your Adventure Starts Here:

Conveniently and ideally located in Grenoble, capital of the Alps.  Easily accessible via Lyon (LYS) or Geneva (GVA) international airports.

You couldn’t ask for a better location for your motorcycle adventure.  A great place to visit before setting off on your tour.  An abundance of great roads waiting for you to explore them.

european motorcycle tours grenoble france

Surrounded by the Alps, Grenoble attracts motorbikers by the thousands.  The same reasons that draw them here and the same reasons why you should come too.  Killer roads, killer riding, fantastic food, scenery, history, events…

Whether you decide to rent a motorcycle in France, or go on one of our guided European motorcycle tours, you’ll be having a blast within minutes of heading on your way.

Your time is precious.  We get it.  We won’t waste it either.

Take advantage of our ideal location.  You won’t waste any of your time traveling to get to good riding. If you choose a tour with lackluster departure locations, keep in mind that you’ll end up paying for it along the line.