Motorycycle Rental Gear Bundle for Worry Free Travel

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You’ve finally found the perfect European motorcycle tour, made your reservations, you’re so stoked, until you think about packing your gear…

Looks like you might be traveling with 2-3 bags, which might mean checked bag fees. When there’s a checked bag, there’s risk of delay, damage, or loss. That increases with each connecting flight you have to take.

Good motorcycle gear comes at a price. (Read the fine print on your airplane ticket to see how much you’ll be reimbursed in case of loss.) It might not even cover the cost of buying a new jacket or pants.

The thought of showing up for your tour with your gear lost in transit is scary. Don’t think of counting on local shops as a safety net to replace everything. Shops are closed on Sundays & Mondays. As shops tend to stock a minimum of inventory you might not find what you need in a pinch.

Now you could always wear your gear, especially when you’re traveling from Australia or New Zealand. Or you could try to get it all into a carry-on, but with airlines enforcing baggage regulations to collect more fees, you might be out of luck,

We’ve got a solution to avoid the risk & hassle of transporting your gear: Gear Bundle.

Gear Bundle includes modular or full face helmet, textile jacket & pants, gloves and rain suit. Suppliers include: Alpinestars, Bering, BMW, Dainese, DXR, Ixon, and IXS. All gear meets safety regulation standards. Each piece is cleaned & inspected after each use.

We have both Men’s & Women’s gear. The Motorcycle Rental Gear Bundle is 175 per person for the duration of your tour.

If you’re planning on doing some other travels before or after your tour, the Gear Bundle is your best bet.

Before jamming your gear in a suitcase and hoping for the best, get the Gear Bundle and you can relax and enjoy your flight, worry free.

Gear Bundle details can be found here. http://m2mototours.com/tours/motorcycle-rental-europe-gear/

Whenever you add a Tour to your Cart, Gear Bundle is offered as an option. If you’ve already reserved a tour and want to add Gear Bundle, you can do so up to 30 days prior to your tour departure. Simply go directly to the Gear Bundle page by using the links above.

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