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24 hours le mans motorcycle tour

Hot Deal!

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Two world class races & world class riding at a special rate.

How about attending the legendary Bol d’Or 24 hour endurance race & World Superbike race in France this September?

We need a couple of product testers to give us feedback for developing this new tour.

13 nights, motorcycle, insurance, breakfasts, 2 dinners included. Package price starts at €2,925.

Reserve your spot now.

24 hours le mans motorcycle tour
2019 european motorcycle tours

Happy New Year

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2019 european motorcycle tours

A very Happy New Year.

We’re really stoked about the 2019 season.  Plenty of great tours, both self-guided and guided, something for everyone.

Some new additions this season include:

-a two day tour of the Alps

-a week long his & hers tour for couples traveling together, but not necessarily riding together.

-Italian Moto GP part of the Mega Mediterranean tour

We’re really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in 2019.

All the best.

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BYOB-Bring Your Own Bike

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Want to ride your own bike on tour with us?

While we’d like to have the specific brand & model bike that every guest is looking for, we’d need at least 5 times more space to store them all.

Our fleet of in-house bikes suit a variety of riders’ tastes, but if they don’t suit you. that’s all that matters.

It doesn’t mean you have to miss out on touring with us.  Now you’ve got two possible solutions:

  1.  the option of renting the brand bike that you like.  There are a number of motorcycle rental agencies that might have what you are looking for.
  • Plan on spending somewhere between 130-200 Euros per day.
  • Make sure it comes with some kind of roadside assistance insurance.
  • Make sure you’ll be able to pick it up & return it based on your travel dates:
  • Many rental agencies are closed on Sundays & Monday.
  • Any bikes <600cc displacement and you will struggle to keep up on tours that traverse the Alps or Pyrenees.
  • We can provide you with some assistance in locating a bike.

2.  You can ship your bike.

  • We can help coordinate shipping, receiving & returning.
  • Inquire about overseas insurance and roadside assistance.

There are a variety of shipping companies offering a range of services from door to door or port to port or anywhere in between.  We placed a few inquiries lately for shipping quotes for a BMW R1200 GS shipped from the port of NYC to Le Havre, France (the largest & closest Continental port).

A one way transport cost varied between $1,000-$1,500 USD (which doesn’t include any customs duties, taxes or other fees).

If you’re planning on spending some time on the Continent shipping your bike might be an interesting option for you.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



BMW Motorcycle Rental France

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BMW Motorcycle Rental France

BMW Motorcycle Rental France
Rent a BMW Motorbike in France


Planning to do some riding in France?

We’ve got a wide range of BMW motorcycles for rent.  From the legendary Boxer flat twins to the luscious 6 cylinder bikes and the new parallel twins, we’ve got the right bike to make your holiday a success.

Whether you’re already own a BMW motorbike or have already hired one, you already know it’s a great combination of performance, comfort and design that makes touring a pleasure no matter what your riding style.

The model lineup includes the F800 series, R series, S series and K series.  All are generously equipped for touring (luggage, top boxes, etc).

For reservations and rates, visit the rental page at:


Best Vintage Race Car Event

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Best Vintage Race Car Event

Monaco Historic Grand Prix

It doesn't get any better than this.

Vintage race cars, sports cars and motorcycles, yes, motorcycles. How about a tribute to Porsche's 70 year anniversary? If that doesn't do it for you, then the elusive one of a kind Lamborghini not publicly driven in 51 years?

Fantastic Weekend.

Feasting our eyes on some exquisite machines, we were trreated to the sights, sounds and smells of vintage race cars doing what they were built for: racing.

Stepping into the time machine we saw 1950's Gran Prix cars take to the track and duke it out. Wood steering wheels, skinny tires, no ABS or driver assistance. These drivers gave it their all to win. Every time we heard the squeal of tires or saw a car drifting periously close to the wall,we were thinking how much will it cost to fix and could it even be fixable. Thankfully no major incidents.

Parade Laps

There was a parade of classic cars including Ferrari Daytona, '57 Thunderbird, '58 Corvette, 427 Cobra, Ferrari 250 GTO, '76 Porsche Carrera, Mercedes Pagoda, Maserati Quattroporte, big Healys, Bentleys, '65 Mercedes 300SE convertible, Ferrari Dino and many more.

Much to our surprise a 3 lap parade of vintage bikes. The last time that bikes competed in a Grand Prix in Monaco was way back in 1948. We were delighted to salute our 2 wheeled brothers exercising vintage machines dating back to the early 20th century.
Stepping into the time machine we saw 1950's Gran Prix cars take to the track and duke it out. Wood steering wheels, skinny tires, no ABS or driver assistance. These drivers gave it their all to win. Every time we heard the squeal of tires or saw a car drifting periously close to the wall,we were thinking how much will it cost to fix and could it even be fixable. Thankfully no major incidents.

Recent Era

Moving forward in time we watched the evolution of the F1 race car as the engine moved to the rear and it grew wings, which in turn spawned ground effects, turbos, active suspensions, the kind of high tech assistance to turn unbelievable lap times. There wer a number of encounters with the wall and in each case the wall won. We watched wistfully as damaged cars were transported on flatbed wreckers, only hoping that skilled artisans and their financiers will piece these cars back together so we can see them race again in 2 years.

See you there in 2020

Seeing the Historic Monaco Grand Prix was better than visiting any auto museum and looking at thoroughbred race cars just begging to hit the circuit. We commend the owners for letting the public enjoy these beauties in all their glory. We also salute the drivers who pilot these machines without any driver assistance, and put on a great show doing so.

BMW Passion Days Circuit Paul Ricard

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2 or 4 Wheels

Share the Passion

Fans of the brand will delight in an awesome 'hands-on' day at the track.
BMW Passion Days combines bikes & cars on a legendary track on the Mediterranean coast.

Hands On

Ride on a Legendary Track

Here's your chance to ride on a legendary track.
The Circuit Paul Ricard on the Mediterranean coast in Southern France.
Home to Formula 1 Grand Prix & 24 Hour Motorcycle Endurance Racing (The Bol d'Or).
Ideal for exploring your skills and these machines' limits.

The Agenda

  • Track Sessions: 6 x Twenty minutes

  • Leather Gear Required (available for rent)

  • Auto Test Rides with Pro Drivers

  • Test Ride Bikes on Track

  • Catered Lunch

  • Entertainment

Join the few


BMW Passion Days is a private event reserved for clients of BMW Motorrad France dealerships.
This is the best hands on BMW Motorrad event by far that we've attended.
Experience the Passion on 2 & 4 wheels.
BMW Passion Days is part of our Corsica Monaco Grand Prix Motorcycle Tour.
Spend the best 2 weeks of the year in a rider's paradise & an awesome day at BMW Passion Days. (May 9-23, 2018)
Spaces are extremely limited. Contact us for more details.

Why You Need to Come to Grenoble for Motorcycle Riding.

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Grenoble, France, nestled in the French Alps, host of the 1968 Winter Olympics.  Every year Grenoble attracts thousands of tourists for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and motorcycling.

Surrounded by 4 mountain ranges, Grenoble was a city of strategic importance during conflicts with Italy & Savoy (now part of France).

Today Grenoble is the capital of the Isere department.  (Departments are the administrative units similar to counties or regions in other countries.)  It plays host to numerous companies in microelectronics, produces highly qualified engineers, paper industry as well as hydroelectric power all drive the economy.

Why do you Need to Come to Grenoble?…from a rider’s perspective:

Names like the Alpe d’Huez, Galibier Pass, Lautaret Pass, are just a few of the spectacular roads featured in events like the Tour de France and major attractions for riders as well.  If you like flat and straight riding, then you probably won’t have fun on the roads around Isere, unless you take the highway.

With such a high density of mountain roads & fabulous scenery, Grenoble is a great hub for motorcycle touring.  You could come to Grenoble and do day rides and return in the evening without having to pack up and change lodgings every night.  This could be very interesting if you travel as a couple but ride solo.  Your companion could choose from numerous activities while you go ride.

Location, location location:

You might live in an area that requires a long ride before the road gets interesting…

Within minutes from downtown Grenoble you can be flying through twisties in any of the four surrounding mountain ranges:  Belledonne, Chartreuse, Oisans and Vercors.  (Each mountain range will be covered more in depth in separate posts.)


  • Alpe d’Huez
  • Galibier
  • Col d’Ornon
  • Col de la Madeleine
  • Devouluy
  • Glandon
  • Col du Noyer
  • Croix de Fer
  • Chamrousse
  • Vercors
  • Chartreuse
  • Telegraphe


Besides motorcycle riding, there are a number of other thrilling activities worth exploring as well.

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Canyoning
  • Via Ferrata
  • Cycling
  • Parasailing
  • Glider Flights

A number of the ski resorts surrounding Grenoble offer multiple outdoor activities as well as classic indoor activities (ice skating, swimming, spa…)


  • Birthplace of Stendahl 18th century novelist
  • Jean-François Champollion, founding figure in Egyptology



  • Lyon Satolas Airport (LYS)
  • Geneva Airport (GVA)
  • TGV (high-speed train)


Motorcycle Rentals, Self-guided & Guided Tours

M2 MotoTours NEW & IMPROVED!!!

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Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes.  We’ve had our top guys working on our website to improve your overall experience.

Major changes include:

  • a new look and color palette
  • enhanced mobile responsiveness
  • improved product pages-the info should be easier to find and understand
  • tour catalog with filter possibilities-you can filter by destination, event type, month
  • self-guided tour reservation enhancements
  • new reservation process

The new Reservation Process allows you to submit a request to check availability for your tour (either guided or self-guided).

You won’t be charged anything until we confirm and send you an invoice.

At the same time we are changing some of our reservation terms and policies.

We hope you enjoy the improvements.  If you encounter any issues, or have any suggestions please let us know.

Motorycycle Rental Gear Bundle for Worry Free Travel

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You’ve finally found the perfect European motorcycle tour, made your reservations, you’re so stoked, until you think about packing your gear…

Looks like you might be traveling with 2-3 bags, which might mean checked bag fees. When there’s a checked bag, there’s risk of delay, damage, or loss. That increases with each connecting flight you have to take.

Good motorcycle gear comes at a price. (Read the fine print on your airplane ticket to see how much you’ll be reimbursed in case of loss.) It might not even cover the cost of buying a new jacket or pants.

The thought of showing up for your tour with your gear lost in transit is scary. Don’t think of counting on local shops as a safety net to replace everything. Shops are closed on Sundays & Mondays. As shops tend to stock a minimum of inventory you might not find what you need in a pinch.

Now you could always wear your gear, especially when you’re traveling from Australia or New Zealand. Or you could try to get it all into a carry-on, but with airlines enforcing baggage regulations to collect more fees, you might be out of luck,

We’ve got a solution to avoid the risk & hassle of transporting your gear: Gear Bundle.

Gear Bundle includes modular or full face helmet, textile jacket & pants, gloves and rain suit. Suppliers include: Alpinestars, Bering, BMW, Dainese, DXR, Ixon, and IXS. All gear meets safety regulation standards. Each piece is cleaned & inspected after each use.

We have both Men’s & Women’s gear. The Motorcycle Rental Gear Bundle is 175 per person for the duration of your tour.

If you’re planning on doing some other travels before or after your tour, the Gear Bundle is your best bet.

Before jamming your gear in a suitcase and hoping for the best, get the Gear Bundle and you can relax and enjoy your flight, worry free.

Gear Bundle details can be found here.

Whenever you add a Tour to your Cart, Gear Bundle is offered as an option. If you’ve already reserved a tour and want to add Gear Bundle, you can do so up to 30 days prior to your tour departure. Simply go directly to the Gear Bundle page by using the links above.

You might also be interested in renting a motorcycle to explore France, Italy, Switzerland, the Alps & beyond. Check out motorcycle rental Grenoble site,


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For BMW Motorrad fans, one might say all roads lead to Motorrad Days. For M2 MotoTours fans, and tour participants know that we ride the best ones to get there.

Every year we look forward to BMW Motorrad Days for lots of reasons. The ride there & back, the food (& beer) we’ll have along the way, the new friends we’ll make & the old ones we’ll see again. There’s also all the new stuff from BMW Motorrad, test rides, group rides and entertainment, of course.

Futuristic BMW Motorrad Concept Bike

On display, an array of beautifully crafted parts.

Aftermarket Carbon Parts for BMW Nine T Racer

The Heritage line of Nine T machines were getting lots of attention.

The builders also had their creations on display. Boxer engine based builds were plentiful…maybe we’ll see more k-engine builds next year?

Uber cool.

The Green Lantern?

The Bavarian fist fighter is one of our favorites.

The Silver Bullet looks fabulous. Wonderful craftsmanship especially on the tank & fairing.

BMW Motorrad Days is a great time for fans of the brand, and even general motorcycle enthusiasts. While the festival was the headlining event on this guided motorcycle tour, we covered a lot of ground and saw a lot on the way there and back.

Our guided motorcycle tour had us crossing the major mountain passes in Switzerland & Austria. We had some time to visit Innsbruck, a beautiful city indeed, an Olympic winter games host. We also stopped by Neuschwanstein Castle before heading towards Italy. It was cool to see it up close, we skipped the guided tour so we could benefit from some of the roads in Bavaria.



In Italy we had to do the Stelvio Pass on every motorcyclists’ bucket list, plus the Dolomites and Lake Como, with a visit of Bellagio and the Duomo in Como.

Riding the Stelvio Pass Motorcycle Tour with M2 Mototours


Returning to France we crossed the Saint Bernard passes, the Col de l’Iseran, Galibier, Alpe d’Huez, Col d’Ornon, Col du Lautaret and the Vercors.

It was an action packed 2 weeks. The riding exceeded everyone’s expectations. There was never a dull moment. Spectacular scenery at every turn and there were hundreds if not thousands of turns.

The group got along very well and laughs were aplenty. Food-wise, it was excellent. The wine and beer drinkers in the group were extremely satisfied with the variety and quality of beverages.

One special night stands out. We stayed in a genuine castle in Italy. We were given a private tour of the grounds and learned about the castle’s storied past. Then we dined in our own private dining room. The food, wine and service was fantastic. The rooms were furnished so that you really felt like you were taken back in time to a different era. This isn’t an experience you can have every day. Everyone felt that it was truly special.

For more information on M2 MotoTours guided motorcycle tours, check out the tour page, or send an inquiry.

After spending two weeks sharing fantastic riding, meals, sightseeing and more together, it was tough saying goodbye. Most everyone in the group wants to do it again next year. Stay tuned…

HR Giger Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland with M2 MotoTours BMW Motorrad Days Fest

BMW Motorrad Days Garmisch Partenkirchen
The Furka Pass Switzerland on BMW Motorrad Days Festival Tour

Grossglockner Motorcycle Tour
At the Grossglockner

Croix de Fer mountain pass on the BMW motorcycle tour to Garmisch Partenkirchen