View some Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos right here, or go check them out on our Youtube Channel.

Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos

Amazing European Motorcycle Tours

This Epic European Motorbike vid was shot in several countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.  If you wonder what touring with us might be like, just watch the vid.  You’ll be riding these roads and seeing these sights for yourself.  What’s better, the tour is more than 3min long and you’ll experience the same every day with us.

Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos

Daluis Gorges

Here’s footage from an Epic European Motorbike Tour.  This came from a tour across the French Alps to the Riviera then over to Corsica, Sardinia & Tuscany.

The Daluis Gorges are something out of this world.  The video doesn’t do them enough justice.  The road through them is a lot of fun and the red color of the rocks is something from Mars.

Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos

The Vercors

The Vercors mountain range is extraordinary.  We’re really lucky that it’s minutes from Grenoble, our HQ.

Winding passes, sweepers, gorges, balcony roads, riding through the Vercors is amazing.

Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos

The Galibier

As if having the Vercors in our backyard wasn’t enough, we’ve got the Galibier as well.

The Col du Galibier is an awesome ride.  Towering at some 2640m, you’ll have over 18km to climb to the top.  No guardrails, narrow road with spectacular views.

This is a must ride.

This vid was shot from a fully laden (loaded panniers & top box) BMW K1300 GT that was having fun riding with the sport bikes.

Epic European Motorcycle Tours Videos

Wheels Wine Wings

Wheels Wine & Wings.

Before departing on the BMW Motorrad Days motorcycle tour, our guests had a special treat.  A picnic of local specialties and wine tasting along with autogyro flights.

The autorgyro flights were thrilling, like being able to ride a motorcycle in the sky.  Check it out.