BMW Motorrad Days Garmisch Partenkirchen Motorcycle Tour Review
Posted by: M2 Blogger /12210
  For BMW Motorrad fans, one might say all roads lead to Motorrad Days. For M2 MotoTours fans, and tour participants know that we ride the best ones to get there. Every year we look forward to BMW Motorrad Days for lots of reasons. The ride there & back, the food (& beer) we’ll have […]


Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle Tour Review
Posted by: M2 Blogger /9440
Talk about putting “Grand” with a capital G into the Grand Tour Switzerland Motorcycle tour. This tour was jam packed with mountains & mountain passes, many featured on the silver screen. If we weren’t charging up mountain roads, we were motoring through valleys passing postcard picture forests, streams, waterfalls, chalets and the like. Not only […]


BMW Passion Days Gets Your Pulse Racing
Posted by: Mike Owen /7700
Our BMW Motorcycle Tour France gave participants the chance to ride BMW motorcycles on an iconic race track in Southern France.     The Monday following Easter is a holiday in France. You might think that’s perfect for eating fine food, wine & cheese. Our friends at BMW Motorrad France & BMW France had other […]