Have a Great Ride

You’ve worked hard to go on a European motorcycle tour, so now leave the work to us.

Whether solo, with friends or just your riding partner, our self guided European motorcycle tours let you focus on the ride and having fun.
We’ve done the leg work.
Your route is planned, reservations made, so just relax.
Follow the roadbook, take your time or just improvise. Enjoy every turn, enjoy every mile, every meal and every minute.

We’ll leave the riding to you.


Mind blowing roads is what you can expect on our self-guided european motorcycle tours.

We’re lucky to be in a perfect spot for riding.  Right in our backyard we’ve got legendary roads & mountain passes, lots of them.  If we didn’t have any good riding, we’d be looking for another line of work.

Whether you’ve seen them on the Tour de France, in movies or on TV, you’ll get the thrill of riding them firsthand.

Take advantage of our ideal location, your time is at a premium.  By the time your engine warms up, you’ll be hitting the twisties with a giant grin on your face.


Learn more about why you should come ride in Grenoble today.

Blast off from the Alps:

Tours depart from & return to Grenoble, France.
Home of the 1968 Winter Olympics, Grenoble is capital of the Alps. Easily accessible via air (Lyon-LYS or Geneva-GVA airports).
You’ve patiently waited a long time to go on a European motorcycle tour, our great location eliminates any more waiting.
Exit downtown Grenoble and immediately you’ll be riding the good stuff.
Pick from a number of surrounding mountain ranges, the Alps, Vercors, Chartreuse, Bauges or Devoluy.  There’s plenty to see and do if you want to spend a few days visiting before hitting the road.  A vibrant nightlife, lots of restaurants, cafes, museums, shopping.  A great place to start and end your tour.

Self Guided European Motorcycle Tours Catalog

From 2 days to over 2 weeks, we have a selection of self-guided motorcycle tours for every rider.  Top notch roads, spectacular sights, charming accommodations and our unparalleled service, makes our self guided European motorbike tours the winning formula for a stellar experience.

Self Guided European Motorcycle Tours

More Epic Roads

You don’t have to go far to ride other legendary roads on our self guided European motorcycle tours.

  • Stelvio Pass
  • Furka, Grimsel, Oberalp & other Swiss mountain passes
  • Lille Saint Bernard & Grand Saint Bernard
  • Grossglockner & other Austrian passes

Self Guided European Motorbike Tours

The Sights

From natural wonders to historic towns.  From prehistoric cave paintings to Renaissance Chateaux.  Stunning cathedrals, Roman aquaducts & ampitheaters, your self guided European motorcycle tour is like riding a time machine.

The Food

Our guests tell us they’ve never eaten so many great meals every day of their tour. We definitely agree.

Whether your tour last a few days or a few weeks, you’ll have the chance to sample the local specialties of each region you visit.

Savor the authenticity of famous dishes in their place of origin.  Some of the best souvenirs you’ll take home are the memories of how good the coq au vin, bread, pastries or cheeses tasted.

If you have room in your top box, bring us a doggy bag!

International Driver's Permit

Make sure your driver’s permit is legit.  Some European countries have hefty fines,(or worse think “Midnight Express”) if you don’t have an International Permit.

US Residents & Citizens, find out where to get your international driver’s permit.

For residents & citizens of other countries, check with your local driver’s license bureau or check with the consulate or embassy of your country in France.