Self Guided Motorcycle Tours France

Self Guided Motorcycle Tours France

La vie est belle. Life is beautiful.

Your departure point for great self guided motorcycle tours France is Grenoble, Olympic city and capital of the Alps.  Dating back to the Roman Empire, Grenoble is steeped in history, waiting for you to discover.

Located at the intersection of 3 mountain ranges, you’ve found motorcycle paradise.

The French are avid motorcyclists.  They boast more motorcycle registrations than any other European country.  You’ll benefit from the courtesy drivers extend to you.  Often they’ll move over to let you pass.

The advantage Grenoble offers is that minutes after your departure, you’ll be having a blast.  Only a handful of kms and your on iconic roads featured on the Tour de France, during Napoleon’s reign or dating back to Antiquity.

Your vacation time is precious.  It won’t be wasted riding for long periods to get to great roads and sights.

Motorcycle Tours France

The Sights

Oh the things you will see…

  • Chateaux, fortresses,
  • cathedrals,
  • provincial villages,
  • amazing canyons,
  • alpine passes, and more.


France offers unparalleled diversity so you can ride some of the highest Alpine roads in Europe all the way to the Mediterranean, or Atlantic coasts.

Motorcycle Tours France

Fantastic Roads

France boasts a road network second to none. The density, condition, engineering is nothing but impressive. You can have a thrilling ride even if you get lost.

The diversity of the countryside attracts plenty of tourists. It also attracts plenty of riders.

France has 5 mountain ranges, thousands of miles of coastline (Mediterranean, Atlantic & English Channel), countless mountain passes, canyons, gorges, and awe-inspiring balcony roads.

Self Guided Motorcycle Tours France


France is host to an array of events to satisfy any taste.

Motorsport Events:

  • Moto GP
  • Formula 1
  • Le Mans
  • Bol d’Or
  • World Superbike
  • Monte Carlo Rally

Sporting Events:

  • Pro Football /Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Roland Garros

Music, Film, Arts

  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Numerous Jazz Festivals
  • Pop & Rock Festivals
  • Orchestra, Ballet & Opera

For a more comprehensive listing of events, visit this site.

Guided Motorcycle Tours France

Cuisine & Wine

The French take their cuisine very seriously and take the time to enjoy it. Accompanying a fine meal with a fine wine and cheese is sublime. You’ll have the chance to have some fabulous food while on the road.

Self Guided Motorcycle Tours France

Why Choose Us?

A self guided motorcycle tour in France is a big investment so you want to make sure you select the right company to ensure your holiday is a success.


  • We cater to the native English speaking clients.
  • The majority of our guests are from the US, Australia, New Zealand
  • Tours are designed with your interests in mind.


  • Grenoble is the ideal location for your tour.
  • Located in the heart of the Alps, you are literally minutes away from thrilling riding.
  • Accessible by plane (Lyon LYS, or Geneva GVA airport)
  • Accessible by TGV (high speed train)


  • An extensive background in the service and entertainment industry.
  • Obviously we know about riding, but we’re great hosts too.
  • Extensive terrain knowledge, and points of interest, with where to go and what to avoid.


  • The majority of our guests do multiple tours with us, so we must be doing something right.

Motorcycle Tours France

Guided Motorcycle Tours France

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