Self Guided Motorcycle Tours Italy for a taste of old world charm & beauty.

Looking for a memorable experience?  Choose self guided motorcycle tours Italy and feel what it’s like to live in Italy (at least for a little while).

Italy has a lot to offer outside of the typical tourist destinations.  Get to know the real Italy by motorcycle.  You’ll have an entirely different perspective once you get out in the country.

  • Italian Lakes (Como, Maggiore)

  • Piedmont Region

  • Lombardy

  • Tuscany

  • Sardinia

  • Cinque Terre


Departing from downtown Grenoble, there are multiple itineraries you can take on your ride to Italy.  The fastest is a short 2 hour ride.

You could choose to go via the Petit Saint Bernard pass, which is a fantastic ride.  After a thrilling climb up this iconic mountain pass you’ll enter the Aosta valley.  Here you’re riding among giants.   Four well known mountains (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monta Rosa, Gran Paradiso) greater than 4,000m will leave you feeling awe inspired.

Rich in history, the Aosta valley was a strategic route for crossing the Alps.  It’s overflowing with vestiges of the Roman Empire and over one hundred castles waiting to be discovered.  Learn more about all the Aosta valley offers here.

Whether you choose a self guided motorcycle tour of Italy, or you just rent a motorcycle from us and do your own thing, you’ll certainly enjoy your ride.

Alternatively you might opt to enter Italy via the Susa valley.  Connecting Torino to France, the Susa valley offers diverse beauty.  Tall Piedmont peaks, gentle rolling hills, a palette of colors.  The Susa valley is well known for ski resorts, castles and the Sacra di San Michele Abbey, which inspired the famous novel “The Name of the Rose”.

See what other gems the Susa valley has to offer.

A third possibility is to ride south down the famous Route des Grandes Alpes that will lead you to the French Riviera.  After crossing numerous thrilling Alpine mountain passes, you’ll arrive at the Mediterranean coast.  Take the time to visit spectacular Monte Carlo in Monaco.  It’s only a few kms to cross into Italy and visit towns like Sanremo or Cinque Terre, the most seductive villages of the Italian Riviera.

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Self Guided Motorcycle Tours Italy

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