Vouchers & Purchase Codes

 Terms & Conditions

Conditions for redeeming a voucher or purchase code:

  1. The new booking must be for a regularly priced guided or self-guided tour.  In some cases M2 MotoTours may have blackout dates during which a voucher may not be used to reserve a tour.
  2. You may only redeem one voucher/code for one participant. Any amount that is not applied in that transaction will be forfeited and accordingly, no credit will remain on that voucher/code after it is used once. 
  3. The voucher/code issued via email will be linked to that email address.  Vouchers/codes are non-transferable unless otherwise authorized by M2 MotoTours.
  4. You may cancel your new booking according to our standard terms and conditions for cancellations and you will be issued a new voucher/code if your second (or any further subsequent) cancellation meets the conditions stated in sections 1 – 6 above.
  5. Other limitations.  The voucher is not valid in the following situations
  6. A. together with any other voucher, coupon, purchase code, promotions, sales or discounts;
    B. rentals, accessories, damages or traffic fines
    C. on past purchases or any booking that has already been partially or fully paid     
    If the price for a new booking is higher than the value of the voucher, you will be required to pay the difference.
  7. 10.  General
  8.  In addition to the terms and conditions stated above, all bookings are subject to M2 MotoTours’ standard terms and conditions which can be viewed at www.m2motos.com/terms-conditions. If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and M2 MotoTours’ standard terms and conditions, M2 MotoTours’ standard terms and conditions will apply (except when the conflict relates directly to the issuance and redemption of any voucher, these terms and conditions will apply to resolve any conflict).
  9. Dates, motorcycles and destinations are subject to availability at the time of booking. M2 MotoTours reserves the right to (i) amend these terms and (ii) change or cancel any vouchers, or codes, at any time in connection with any circumstances outside of its control.
  10. The vouchers/codes are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with the terms and conditions stated above.
  11. Under exceptional circumstances M2 MotoTours may decide at its sole discretion to reissue a voucher/code or change the date of validity due to circumstances beyond its control.  For example, if the borders are closed for travel, or force majeure.